Choose Dr. Salt and stay youthful.

Liquid Spring Salt hygenic tasty

Liquid spring salts are tastier and more effective thanks to minerals they contain. The Spray bottle Dr. Salt developed is more economical and hygienic compared to regular salt. Without going through any transformation, it is unrefined and bottled at the source.

Why should we consume Liquid Spring Salt?

Salt , due to it’s vital importance, is a mineral we must consume to maintain our health.

Liquid Spring Salts are the result of moving underground waters passing through a bed of rock salt dissolving the salt into ions which is added to water’s structure. From the source, it’s bottled without any transformation or operation. This product is not commonly known in our society.

There aren’t many sources of Liquid spring salt in the world and it’s a precious product.

Our company’s goal is to introduce this natural wonder to our people and for everyone to adopt it. Dr. Salt is a natural and a quality product presented to our people to serve human health.

The god of medicine and health Asclepius

Liquid salt had a great importance in the area where the God of Medicine and Healing lived, which is now known as Corum, Turkey. Benefits of Liquid natural salt overlaps with historical knowledge and it is now emerging again with Dr. Salt.

He was one of Apollo's sons, grand son of Zeus, sharing with Apollo the epithet Paean ("the Healer"). The rod of Asclepius, a snake-entwined staff, remains a symbol of medicine today. According to legend, he used to take The Rod with himself every time he went to heal patients, The Rod gave him support and power. Since sources of health are in nature; Asclepius used to spend time outdoors under the sun looking for ways to benefit from medicinal herbs and liquids. With current scientific discoveries, his findings are emerging to be true. In such a setting, Asclepius grows as a skillful physician, learns all aspects of medicine and surgery.

Asclepius lived in Corum where our source is located and he emphasized the importance of liquid salt.

Roman Empire build roads to salt sources and salt is an important substance of civilization. Wars have been fought for salt, soldiers salaries paid with salt and countries have taxed salt for income.

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