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Customer Reviews

With Dr. Salt Liquid Salt, you can spray salt in a consistent way on your meals. You won’t miss out on the delicious taste with salt evenly spread on your meal.”

When I add it on my meal, I can taste it right away.

I am using it with confidence since it's natural

I can use it while cooking without touching the salt.

I can use as much salt as I want on my meals

Liquid salt adds a very distinct taste to my meals.

I feel more energized

It helped reduce pimples on my skin

I really like the taste, I spray it in my mouth

Adds great taste to meals, it’s healthy and easy to use.

Since I know it’s completely Natural, I use it as much as I want with confidence.

It doesn’t burn my tongue, it has a softer taste.

I like using it because it doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Regular salt doesn’t mix well in salads right away, with the spray bottle, it’s spread evenly right away.

Fun to use and looks nice on the table.

Finally I can taste food better because I use it as much as I want since it’s natural. I feel like it helped boost my immune system. Very practical.

It helped my soar throat

It helped heal my cold sore and small cut on my finger.

Adds great taste to my meals, it’s very delicious on salads.

It helps healing gum bleeding in my mouth.

Very tasty on salads

As someone who exercises often, I satisfy my needs for salt using liquid salt. I feel healthier and stronger.

Healthy and Hygienic

I use it because it’s natural and healthy.

It’s healthier than regular table salt.

It helped with my recurring health discomfort.

I took the first step to be healthier.

Food tastes much better especially salads. I can’t think of a life without liquid salt.

I am now healthy. I enjoy life. I learned to drink more water by consuming liquid salt. Water and liquid salt are great food and beverage. I learned that liquid salt is a very important product for our health. I added more water and liquid salt to my life