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Hürriyet took part in the appendix Finance

TURKEY longer 'liquid salt at producing. The Corum established businessman Mahmoud Küçükdogan fluid produced in the facility with salt France, Germany, the UK and TRNC aims to export $ 5 million by year's end. The Group Chairman Mahmut Mahmut Küçükdogan, "that the body needs salt, unrefined liquid salt. Scientists say that this is a healthy salt. We produce a product that is produced in Turkey. However, there is great demand abroad. We are able to export $ 5 million by the end of the year, "he said. Corum facilities in 150 milliliters salt shakers, 750 milliliter glass bottles and hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, such as mass consumption of 5 liters for liquids produced in a practical package tapped salt, 'Dr. Salt 'brand was launched.

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